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The Curriculum


Students follow the British National Curriculum in the following subjects:

 English – Math – Science – ICT  Information Communications Technology – Art – PE. 

Great care is taken to ensure that a number of teaching styles are adapted to suit the needs of all students. Regular assessment
of the students take place and a system set up to ensure that any students not achieving to their best ability are monitored and
supported carefully. Reading plays a major in the curriculum as it for all aspects of learning. Students are encouraged to read
and are rewarded for their efforts.Parents are also asked to play a major part in this area of their child's education.

Students follow the syllabi of the Ministry of Education in the following subjects:

Arabic – Islamic Education – Social Studies.

These subjects are taught by a team of teachers with long lasting experience in the country.

The Kindergarten

Kindergarten Meal service


In order to ensure that healthy eating takes place and to ensure that Islamic etiquettes are taught from an early age Al-Mawahib offers all KG students a nutritious, ready packed meal. Weekly reports will be send to parents about their child's reaction to the served meals.