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Al-Mawahib British Private School is catering for students from KG1 to Grade 6.

Taking a new distinctive approach to education, it aims to take positive steps forward in providing an academic and social education designed to produce future generations capable of playing a significant part in the ever developing world.

 Al-Mawahib believes that such a goal can be best achieved through our partnership and collaboration with students' parents and the wider community. As such, highly qualified staff, familiar with the local environment, have been carefully selected to teach internationally recognized British Curriculum to suit the needs of our students..

Students are encouraged to express their opinions freely on various issues in an effort to enhance innovation and creativity, and promote their critical thinking and social development.


Al-Mawahib is run by a highly qualified management team and experienced leadership with articulated vision and values. The school leadership aims to empower and leading be example in an attempt to promote and foster future leaders amongest its staff and students.They ensure that team work is the norm and culture within the boundaries and the premises of the school. They endeavour to promote individualised consideration, and enhance intellctual stimulation.

 Teaching Staff

 Al-Mawahib school emloys Qualified teachers familiar with British curriculum. Professional development and ongoing training is the day to day norm of the school.

The Curriculum

  The current curriculum is suitable the needs of our students. It is a British curriculum which focuses on promoting critical thinking and creativity amongst our students. The core subjects are Maths, English, Science, Arabic, Islamic coupled with minor Subjects such as Social , ICT ,Art.

 Teaching of the Noble Quran and Islamic Materials

Quran classes are of great importance as they are taught daily by extremely well versed teachers of the holy Quran. Al-Mawahib British Private School recognizes the importance of both the academic and spiritual well-being of the child. Whilst the academic side is being catered for by the British Curriculum and its specialed teachers an intensive curriculum has also been devised for the learning of the Holy Quran. Beginning at Kindergarten level, all students begin to learn the Quran by heart through a detailed curriculum and under the supervision of specialized teachers. In addition to this pupils are also taught the general etiquette that a Muslim child should practice in their daily life as well as stories and advice found in the hadith and Quran.

 Students' Activities

As far as the extra- curricular activities are concerned a wide range of educational as well as entertaining trips have taken place throughout the academic year 2013-2014. Students have visited SHJ international airport - Science Museum- Discovery Center- Alkhour Park- etc.......... .Sports day and open days for both boys and girls take place once a year.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are well observed at our school. All food provided to our students are of healthy nature. A qualified nurse and doctor are on site to ensure the safety of the students. Fire exits are clearly marked throughout the school and fire drills are conducted on a regular basis.


 The school offers a daily transport service equipped with state of the art facilities.

School Timing

KG Pupils start at 7:30 am till  01:30 pm.

Students from (G1-G6) start at 7:30 am till 01:25 pm.